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Motivate Your Audience

Creating engaging content that is meaningful empowers learners. That's why we are passionate about crafting content solutions that enhance knowledge and improve performance. We are content strategists who merge learning and engagement. Together, we can leverage our collective knowledge to deliver inspiring learning experiences that connect with your audience.

Our Story

We are a team of seasoned learning designers, content writers, and developers who can help you create effective and engaging learning experiences informed by the outcomes and competencies you want your learners to achieve.

Our Vision

As a bespoke content design studio, we work with coaches, educators and businesses to create highly-personalized online content and to build, launch, and maintain super-engaging online courses and training programs.


We utilize the best in rapid eLearning development, multimedia and web-based applications to create content that engages any type of audience.

Who are we

Our Services


Leverage the power of metaphor, engaging narrative, and effective visuals to inspire audiences.


Provide clients with innovative strategies to help fuel future growth, and optimize current digital competencies.


Take a strategic approach to combine our practical creativity and broad expertise to deliver seamless customized learning content.


Help clients make their e-learning offering accessible to people with disabilities.

Our Process

Project Management

Project management is built into our process! We will guide and support you through your entire content or course development journey. We'll find the answers you need and keep your project on time and on budget.


We consult with you and take your specific goals in mind! You're the expert in your business and you should be involved every step of the way. We love working closely with our clients, and we will support you from start to finish, keeping you in control of your project and its outcomes.



For the online courses we create, we implement online pedagogy, applying competency-based principles and user experience design to make your course or training program comprehensive, engaging, and interactive - all while supporting and measuring learner retention.

Our Process


A creator or user of metaphors.

"Metaphors are necessary as a communicative device because they allow the transfer of coherent chunks of characteristics—perceptual, cognitive, emotional and experiential—from a vehicle which is known to a topic which is less so. In so doing they circumvent the problem of specifying one by one each of the often unnameable and innumerable characteristics; they avoid discretizing the perceived continuity of experience and are thus closer to experience and consequently more vivid and memorable."

- Andrew Ortony, educational psychologist, in Educational Theory (1975).

Defining Our Name

Our Team

Learning Designers

Our learning designers understand the intricacies of learning and adult education. They apply evidence-based instructional strategies to make your online training program comprehensive, engaging, and interactive.

Content Writers

As part of the online course creation process, our content writers have interviewed hundreds of subject matter experts and created content for individuals and institutions in various industries across a range of topics and styles.

Digital Designers

Our digital designers will make your content “pop” with beautiful design. From branding and templates to full course development, they’ll help you create rich visuals and interactive multimedia to inform, and captivate your consumers and learners.

Our Co-Founders

Together, Marc Harrington and Liz Ilawan have a combined 40 years experience in applying instructional design best practices to online content and course creation. We understand the nuanced challenges of working with a diverse array of clients. We’ve  helped personal coaches, yoga instructors, university professors, and CEOs get their content online. Whomever the client, we seek to create experiences for a user/learner that both weaves a story and takes them on a journey. By designing engaging content scaffolded with care, we ensure we’re delivering the biggest impact for our clients and their learners.

Marc Harrington

A content editor and learning designer with over two decades’ experience, Marc has developed approximately 100 online courses for corporate and higher education clients, and has held senior-level positions in design and management at several innovative learning & development organizations. He’s passionate about making the learner's experience the best it can be and works hard to nurture the collaborative partnerships he’s established with professors, subject matter experts, business clients, and other stakeholders to create the most innovative and engaging online courses in the industry.

Liz Ilawan

A learning designer and content developer with over two decades' experience, Liz has designed and developed online courses, videos, and interactive learning assets for big tech and pharmaceutical companies, higher education clients, and government agencies. She has held management-level positions in design and development for various organizations. She is passionate about melding technology with learning to create content that inspires learners and promotes change.

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